Asimily: The Fastest Growing IoT Security Company

Connected Device Security and Vulnerability Management

The increasing number of connected devices is rapidly changing the risk landscape for every security organization.

This IoT device sprawl is making it difficult to effectively apply conventional security practices to protect these new “border-less” enterprises from attacks.

As a result, cybercriminals are routinely targeting these IoT devices as an easy point of access to an otherwise protected network.

In today’s IoT world companies need a more robust device security platform that not only provides them with a detailed view of their device population, but also gives them the capabilities to prioritize high-risk assets, remediate threats proactively, and manage their overall device risk continuously.


Asimily helps you dynamically improve your device security by using advanced AI, ML and NLP modeling to enable the 4 pillars of vulnerability management.


“Know what you don’t know now” with automated device categorization and classification across a library of >100K unique devices and with over 100 device attributes being captured and analyzed.


Effectively respond to exploitable vulnerabilities and prioritize response based on a dynamic, real-time threat analysis. Get intelligent recommendations that focus on removing the greatest risk from the riskiest devices. Capture device traffic to reveal the tactics, techniques, and procedures that an attacker is using.


Identify the at-highest-risk devices based on likelihood of exploit and impact to business operations.
Map CVEs and MITRE ATT&CK framework to triage security team activities using proven AI/ML + NLP modeling.


Monitor and detect active threats, breach attempts, anomalies, and risky user or third-party behavior in real-time. 24/7 risk scoring and analysis to spot threats as they develop for proactive intervention that saves hundreds of hours and millions of dollars on data collection post breach.