End-to-end clinical document creation

Nuance Dragon Medical Workflow Manager is an end-to-end clinical document creation solution that manages all steps in the clinical documentation process from creation to distribution, enabling healthcare organisations to reduce letter backlogs, boost clinician efficiency and improve the quality of patient documentation.


Streamline Clinical Documentation

Deliver more complete patient stories

Use your voice to document information faster and deliver more accurate and complete patient records at the point of care.

Flexible and Clinician-friendly workflows

Revitalise clinical correspondence processes with flexible, intuitive tools for Clinicians to dictate, review, edit and electronically sign documents.

Optimise your EMR and reduce clinical risk

Provide a more efficient way for clinicians to document patient encounters, while integrating data and documentation with your EMR.

Better documentation creation from start to finish

Provide a robust, end-to-end clinical documentation creation solution that can handle all steps in the documentation process – from creation to distribution, and every step in between.


Enterprise speech recognition, digital dictation, transcription and clinical documentation creation

Capture medical documents faster and automatically route information to the point of care.

Dragon Medical Workflow Manager manages all aspects of clinical documentation processes, and its robust feature set enables Clinicians and clinical support staff to have all the information they need at their fingertips to quickly create and automatically distribute patient reports and letters. This means that clinicians can spend less time and effort producing, chasing up and sending critical documentation. Because documentation is produced and managed faster and more efficiently, caregivers can spend more time with patients and less time in front of a computer.

Complete documentation creation

Streamline the way documentation is created, managed and distributed, while improving patient care. Dragon Medical Workflow Manager delivers a tightly integrated system that enables clinicians and support staff to work together more efficiently to tackle document creation, management and distribution. Letters, medical reports and other documents are produced faster, and teams are more efficient through flexible document creation and distribution practices.

Voice-enabled document creation

Clinicians can use Dragon Medical Workflow Manager to dictate letters and patient reports with a microphone, digital recorder or mobile device. Clinicians can also utilise Nuance’s AI-based speech recognition functionality to further enhance the documentation process and reduce the need for transcription, allowing clinicians to quickly and accurately create and electronically sign documents for immediate distribution.

Integrated patient data management

Dragon Medical Workflow Manager has the ability to integrate with multiple EMRs and other HISs, allowing key patient and clinician information to be introduced into the reporting workflow. This enables a single point of data entry, unifying document management and allowing clinicians to have all necessary information available to them at the point of care. Dragon Medical Workflow Manager’s Patient History feature also provides clinicians fast and easy access to previous documents, with just one click.

Manage productivity and staff usage

Dragon Medical Workflow Manager’s Reporting tool provides an effective solution for healthcare organisations to collect, track, analyse and report on their clinical documentation processes. Evaluate who is using the system well, who is not and whether your documentation processes are working effectively. Enable your organisation to quickly take corrective measures to address performance issues and improve employee usage, when needed.

Automate document distribution

Documents can be shared in real-time to clinical staff, external transcription providers, patients and other information management systems through integrations with EMRs or other clinical information systems, our secure outsourcing module and automatic distribution via secure email, fax, and/or automatic print. By automating distribution, healthcare service responsiveness is enhanced, and patient safety is improved.

Secure patient data, with a full audit trail

With Dragon Medical Workflow Manager, all data files are encrypted and securely transferred via HTTPS transmission. Healthcare organisations can meet and maintain compliance with tracking features and accessible audit trails that automatically record when, who and what changes have been made within the system. Documents can also be rolled back to earlier versions, when needed.


Dragon Medical Workflow Manager

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