Emerging Global Technologies is your foremost healthcare IT solutions partner in the MENA region, with over two decades of pioneering experience. Renowned for innovation, we’ve led the industry with advancements like voice recognition, digital ID, and single sign-on. Today, we stand at the forefront of AI, offering predictive diagnosis and life-saving solutions. Our client-centric approach ensures tailored solutions, while a commitment to continuous development keeps us at the cutting edge of technology. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare technology with Emerging Global Technologies.


Welcome to Emerging Global Technologies!

I’m excited to lead our journey as your premier healthcare IT solutions partner in the MENA region. With over two decades of experience, we’ve pioneered innovations in voice recognition, digital ID, and AI for predictive diagnosis.

Our focus is on revolutionizing healthcare technology, offering tailored solutions to address unique challenges. Our experienced team, blending healthcare, and ITexpertise, is dedicated to enhancing efficiency and patient outcomes.

Continuous development keeps us at the forefront of advancements, and strategic partnerships enable breakthrough solutions. Explore our website to discover how Emerging Global Technologies can empower your healthcare practice.

Thank you for considering us as your partner in shaping the future of healthcare technology.

Sassine Mazraani




Emerging Global Technologies Co. LLC established in 2001, are the pioneers in MENA to provide Speech Recognition Technology for the past decades. Such technology provides solutions with a unique value proposition for healthcare practitioners by transforming speech dictations to text.

Giant leap of Faith

In 2010, we took a giant leap of faith to crown our success story with further success, and associated with Etisalat, the largest Telecommunications provider in UAE. We launched the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division with a small team of 5 employees.

Diversified Portfolio

Today, Emerging Global Technologies has a diversified portfolio of products & services, and led by a highly talented team of Healthcare, IT & Telecom professionals who believe in continuously improving, innovating and serving its clients with quality service, that will drive both the individual and the business success.


We are proud of being a Premium Channel Partner of Etisalat, the largest Telecommunications provider in marketing, promoting, and selling its telecom packages to small and medium businesses.


We have also partnered with Nuance, Phillips, Med current, Astraia in Healthcare segment. We always aim to make the lives of healthcare professionals easier by introducing innovative and new technologies that can greatly benefit the healthcare market.

Our Team

Our team comprises of experienced, knowledgeable and devoted professionals who offer the best solutions and service practices to our clients. The swift sales and pre-sales response to the clients and prompt on-site and remote support throughout the year defines .


We intend to become among the most reputable SMBs, through the empowerment of the community we serve and through the development of our employees.


To nurture a team of dedicated professionals that serve the community with the latest offerings.



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