Improving Clinical Productivity through the Power of Digital Identity

In today’s challenging healthcare environment, how do you provide fast, efficient access to patient data, allowing clinicians to focus on patient care, whilst ensuring strong cyber security and regulatory compliance? Join Wes Wright, CTO, and Andy Wilcox, Head of International Product Marketing at Imprivata, to learn how proactively managing digital identities will empower organisations to deliver care more efficiently, effectively, and collaboratively. Dr. Khalid Alyafei, the CMIO at Sidra Medicine, will also be presenting. The agenda includes:
  • The importance of Digital Identity in the modern healthcare environment
  • Introducing the Imprivata Digital Identity Framework and how it maps to key relevant regulatory and legislative requirements (e.g. KSA, ECC)
  • Imprivata OneSign Access Management as a key foundation for managing your digital identities
  • First hand-account from the CMIO at Sidra Medicine about their experiences with Imprivata OneSign and the benefits it brings
Don’t miss out on this highly informative and engaging webinar.