Emerging Global Technologies has become the distributor for Imprivata solutions in the Middle East

Complementary solution stacks will address the needs of the expanding Middle East healthcare sector, and meet international and local standards

London, England — March 31, 2021 Imprivata, the healthcare IT security company, has announced that Emerging Global Technologies (EGT) of Abu Dhabi has become the distributor for its solutions in the Middle East. EGT has a diversified portfolio of products and services, and has many years of experience in healthcare and IT. EGT has been a successful Imprivata partner and the collaboration has now deepened into a full distributor relationship for the healthcare market in the region.

The combination of EGT’s regional expertise combined with Imprivata’s Digital Identity solutions will help clinicians focus more on patient care, reducing time spent on accessing systems and workflows, paperwork and administration.

The Middle East is seeing a boom in healthcare opportunities. Rapidly growing populations and per capita incomes, rising life expectancies, a high incidence of lifestyle-related diseases, and ambitious medical infrastructure projects continue to drive healthcare industry growth.

The GCC healthcare market is expected to reach US$ 94 billion by 2021, according to MENA Research Partners (MRP), a leading research company in the region. KSA and UAE together represent more than two thirds of the market, with UAE witnessing the fastest growth in the region. Additionally, researchers Market Data Forecast’s report into the growth of the e-Health market in the Middle East and Africa predicts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8% between 2020 and 2025 specifically for digital healthcare systems.

“Imprivata is pleased to announce the development of our partnership with Emerging Global Technologies into a distributor role covering the Middle East which has a rapidly expanding healthcare sector. The collaboration will enable Imprivata to extend coverage within the region and offer our award-winning Authentication and Digital Identity solutions, backed with the sales, technical expertise and respected track record of Emerging Global Technologies,” said Chris Nutty, Director – International Channels, Imprivata.

Imprivata recently launched the Digital Identity Framework for Healthcare to provide CISOs, CIOs, and IT leaders with strategic guidance to drive Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategies across increasingly complex healthcare ecosystems. The Framework helps meet International cyber security and data protection requirements including the Saudi Arabia Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC), and, UAE National Cyber Security Standards (NCSS).

“We are excited to collaborate to bring Imprivata’s Digital Identity technology to Emerging Global Technologies’ customers across the Middle East, by providing faster and more secure access to healthcare records while adhering to international and local standards. These solutions will streamline clinical workflows to aid the delivery of efficient, high-quality care in an increasingly decentralised healthcare environment, enabling healthcare professionals to stay focused on improving patient care,” said Sassine Mazraani, CEO, Emerging Global Technologies.

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Imprivata®, the digital identity company for healthcare, provides identity, authentication, and access management solutions that are purpose-built to solve healthcare’s unique workflow, security, and compliance challenges. Imprivata enables healthcare securely by establishing trust between people, technology, and information across the increasingly complex healthcare ecosystem.

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