Enterprise Single Sign-on

Streamline clinical workflows and simplify EHR access

Imprivata OneSign® offers a single sign-on (SSO) solution that enables care providers to spend less time with technology and more time with patients. By eliminating the need to repeatedly type usernames and passwords, Imprivata OneSign allows providers to access clinical and administrative applications quickly and securely, which streamlines clinical workflows and drives EHR adoption.

With Imprivata OneSign healthcare organizations can:

  • Enable fast, secure access into on-premises or cloud applications for all users from any device, anywhere.
  • Quickly and securely access patient information across every major EHR and clinical application, and through the industry’s broadest thin and zero client support.
  • Reduce the need for passwords, improve security, and support HIPAA compliance requirements.
  • Save providers an average of 45 minutes per shift, per day.

Multifactor Authentication

Convenient authentication that makes security invisible

Imprivata Confirm ID is the comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication platform for healthcare. The need for holistic, enterprise-wide multifactor authentication in healthcare has never been greater, and Imprivata Confirm ID provides a secure, auditable chain of trust wherever, whenever, and however users interact with the patient record.

With Imprivata Confirm ID, healthcare organizations can:

  • Centralize identity and multifactor authentication across all enterprise workflows, including EPCS and remote access.
  • Make security invisible with innovative and convenient authentication methods including Hands Free Authentication and push token notification.
  • Improve security and compliance.

Identity Governance

Fast, secure, role-based access to systems and applications

Designed and purpose-built for healthcare, Imprivata Identity Governance is an end-to-end solution with precise role-based access controls, automated provisioning, and de-provisioning, streamlined auditing processes, and analytics that enable faster threat evaluation and remediation.

With Imprivata Identity Governance, healthcare organizations can:

  • Reduce IT costs by replacing burdensome, slow, and error-prone manual administering of user accounts.
  • Establish greater and more granular controls for adherence to security policies and regulatory guidelines.
  • Empower care providers to deliver high-quality care while increasing their productivity.

Patient Identification

Improves Patient Security

Imprivata PatientSecure is the leading positive patient identification solution for healthcare that improves patient safety and financial outcomes through biometric identification, medical record clean-up, improved patient matching, and workflow optimization.

With Imprivata PatientSecure, healthcare organizations can:

  • Reduce medical errors and improve patient safety.
  • Eliminate duplicate and overlaid medical records and protect against fraud to improve data integrity.
  • Improve financial outcomes and reduce denied medical claims.

Secure Healthcare Communications

Securing communications and streamlining patient care

Imprivata Cortext is the secure communications platform for healthcare that streamlines care coordination with HIPAA-compliant secure messaging, by allowing physicians, nurses, and patients to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely from any workstation or mobile device.

With Imprivata Cortext, healthcare organizations can:

  • Improve the quality of care team communication with context-rich, HIPAA compliant messaging, allowing for more time focused on patient care.
  • Increase provider productivity by replacing outdated paging technology with fast, convenient communication modalities.
  • Enable secure communications between care teams across the entire care continuum, anytime, anywhere.

EHR Workflow Optimization

Makes healthcare system more efficient

The Imprivata security and identity platform integrates with leading EHRs to streamline workflows throughout its environment and optimizes the workflow experience for clinicians by solving user access challenges and protecting patient privacy and improving security compliance.

By optimizing EHR workflows, the delivery of healthcare is made more efficient, which ultimately results in higher-quality patient care.


Enterprise Single Sign On

Multifactor Authentication

Identity Governance

Secure Healthcare Communications