The most trusted and widely used  radiology reporting platform

Enable rapid and efficient high‑quality, actionable reports with PowerScribe 360 Reporting, the industry’s most trusted and widely used real-time radiology reporting platform.

Fast and accurate radiology reporting

Hear from Peter Wang, MD, of Einstein Healthcare network how the PowerScribe reporting platform’s deep integrations, structured reporting capabilities, and embedded decision support streamline radiology workflows and build trust and confidence among referring providers.

Nuance reporting solutions deliver standardized results and build provider trust.


The power in PowerScribe 360 Reporting for radiology

With proven speech recognition technology, and a collaborative partnership with the American College of Radiology, Nuance PowerScribe 360 Reporting is used by nearly 2,000 healthcare organizations making it the most trusted and most widely used solution for radiology reporting.


Award‑winning Dragon Medical speech recognition engine delivers unsurpassed accuracy up to 99%. More accuracy means less editing.


A full range of dictation styles are supported to accommodate individual preferences, with unequalled productivity and flexibility—whether you self‑edit or use a transcription service.


Built‑in access to configurable data capture and extraction tools enables information to be captured when it is needed most, streamlining workflows and improving accuracy.


Dynamic, efficient report generation expedites workflows to improve productivity, reduce turnaround times, eliminate manual data entry and enhance collaboration.


Robust template support, a data-centric architecture, and integration with other Nuance radiology solutions produce more complete and correct reports—reducing errors and inconsistencies that impact compliance and reimbursement.


Universal data integration capabilities allow easy import of discrete data directly from modalities and through the DICOM SR, saving time and minimizing error-prone manual data entry.


PowerScribe 360 Reporting 4.0

PowerScribe 360 Reporting 4.0 delivers enhanced core functionality to improve usability, administration and security.

Smart AutoTexts

Enhanced AutoTexts can be embedded within fields or picklist choices and linked to other fields, accelerating report completion while ensuring thorough, compliant and accurate content.

Overread workflow

Flexible overread process routes reports needing additional review or input to an appropriate specialist or section.

Process optimization

Optimize performance, reduce turnaround time, and improve accuracy with the latest speech recognition technology.


PowerScribe 360


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