X-Plain for Telemedicine

The demand for telemedicine is expanding as COVID-19 changes the landscape of healthcare. Healthcare providers need tools designed to engage patients after the visit.

X-Plain for Telemedicine offers interactive multimedia programs to educate patients and check for comprehension.

X-Plain Health Encyclopedia

The X-Plain Health Encyclopedia is designed for health websites and patient portals. It includes our full library, covering all medical specialties. For each health topic, the Encyclopedia provides an interactive tutorial, video, overview, full text, and illustrated handout.

X-Plain for Tablets

X-Plain for Tablets is a convenient way to offer X-Plain tutorials to patients and their families. This solution for iPad and Android tablets can increase patient satisfaction and optimize staff time.
X-Plain for Tablets is ideal for inpatient settings, outreach clinics, and in-home visits. X-Plain for Tablets can run videos and multimedia programs without Internet access.

X-Plain for EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

This product allows your EMR to automatically suggest patient education materials based on diagnostic coding and other metadata, such as keywords, gender, and age group. X-Plain’s full library of textual materials and discharge instructions is included to help clients provide patient-specific information during an inpatient, outpatient, or emergency room visit. Once a patient-specific topic is selected, the provider may then print or email the health topic to the patient. They could also push the topic to the patient portal or bedside station.

X-Plain for Patient Portals

X-Plain for Patient Portals gives patients a highly engaging experience within the patient portal. When users log into a patient portal, they gain access to patient-specific programs about their health conditions and any recent or scheduled procedures. Patients can also browse the X-Plain Health Encyclopedia for topics of interest. They can then read about the topic, watch a video, or complete an interactive learning session.

X-Plain Videos

We offer more than 2,500 patient education videos. Users can watch the videos on a DVD player or CCTV system.

X-Plain At Bedside

With X-Plain at the Bedside, your hospital can deliver up to 2,500 videos through your bedside patient stations. This product runs on smart TVs, tablets, and CCTV systems. Many clients use diagnostic and procedural coding to automatically push patient-specific health topics to bedside smart TVs. Bedside systems that support interactivity can also document completion and comprehension of the videos/tutorials.

X-Plain for Websites

X-Plain for Websites provides credible illustrated handouts and engaging multimedia tutorials for healthcare websites. Clients can choose the topic(s) they need or license the full library of 1,750 health topics in several languages.

X-Plain for Wellness

The Patient Education Institute has developed a corporate health education program, X-Plain for Wellness, to engage employees and their families.
We offer X-Plain for Wellness to institutions that provide wellness services to their clients. This solution helps clients improve health management, health decision making, and health outcomes.

X-Plain Patient Education & Documentation System (PEDS)

X-Plain Patient Education & Documentation System (PEDS) electronically documents the completion and comprehension of our patient education programs on our own servers. We provide this service when clients cannot document patient education in their own EMR or on their servers.


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