Healthcare Insights magazine lists EGT as one of the top 10 healthcare tech companies

It is no secret that healthcare professionals spend a significant amount of time doing paperwork and administrative functions. They are often bogged down with excessive administrative tasks that divert their attention and time from more clinically important activities such as providing actual care to patients and improving the quality of care. This negatively impacts patient outcomes and also leads to physician burnout. Fortunately, technology can be a go-to solution for this persistent problem. Medical technologies such as speech recognition and dictation solutions can easily help healthcare professionals to streamline their paper-based work which, in turn, can increase their efficiency and reduce burnout. Unleashing the power of such technology, Emerging Global Technologies (EGT), a prominent healthcare tech solution provider is offering a wide array of transformative solutions that strategically contribute to increasing productivity enhance communication, and maintain patient safety in healthcare. It also delivers solutions that can understand, analyze and respond to human language to increase productivity and amplify human intelligence.

Fascinating Journey of EGT So Far

EGT was incepted in 2001 with a focus on developing software solutions using speech recognition technology which was still unheard of at that time. Over time, the company shifted its focus to providing this technology to the healthcare sector in the form of voice-to-text medical reporting to help medical professionals deliver reports faster and with high accuracy and increased productivity. This shift in focus enabled EGT to become a dominant player in the medical reporting field securing over 200 clients over time and expanding geographically to cover the Gulf, Levant, North Africa, and Pakistan. Leveraging this success, the pioneering company diversified its offerings and positioned itself to become a distributor of various healthcare offerings such as digital sign-on and patients’ education. It further attained a new height of success in 2010, when it became an SMB Premium Channel Partner of Etisalat, the largest Telecommunications provider in GCC.

“Under this program, and over the time, EGT was allocated a specific list of clients that we manage by offering them the latest offerings in products and services from Etisalat including attending to their day-to-day needs. During this period, EGT has excelled to secure the Top Channel Partner position on more than one occasion,” opines Sassine Mazraani, the CEO of Emerging Global Technologies.

Delivering Comprehensive State-Of-The-Art Speech Recognition Solutions

As a distributor of Nuance Communications in the Middle East, EGT has always been able to offer state-of-the-art speech recognition solutions in this market. Nuance was ranked #1 for its leadership in medical speech recognition. It has also been recognized and esteemed with numerous awards including the #1 AI-Powered and Cloud-Based Provider award from Black Book and Best in KLAS Award for Speech Recognition (Front-end EMR) in the year 2021. The Medical Speech Recognition solution helps to reduce the turn-around time of clinical reports, save physicians precious minutes on the documentation, and improve the quality of documentation.

“Reducing turn-around time contributes to the continuity of patient care and Physician’s time-saving translates into seeing more patients hence more revenue for the organizations and improvement in quality of documentation means timely and faster reimbursement from the insurance provider,” adds Mr. Mazraani.

Empowering Clients as well as Employees

Besides its top-notch healthcare technology solutions, what further sets EGT apart from the rest is its unmatched culture driven by the core values of fluidity, loyalty, innovation, and productivity. Keeping these values as the cornerstone, the leading company intends to become one of the most reputable and innovative SMBs in its domain through the development of its employees and the empowerment of its clients.

EGT always strives to help its clients by adding value through its solutions, high-quality professional services, and excellent customer support. Clients are given proper attention under its Client Success Organization (CSO) where it ensures its implemented solutions are constantly monitored for proper utilization and benefiting them in their day-to-day operation. In addition to customer satisfaction, EGT also heavily focuses on offering the best working environment and a career progression path to its employees where they can develop themselves, progress, and scale up into better roles over time. “We are a company with a culture of building sustainable relationships with our employees and our clients too. Both are stakeholders and critical to the durability of the Company,” asserts Mr. Mazraani.

Continues Delivering Excellence with Innovation

Over the years, EGT has developed a durable model that has allowed the company to have a portfolio of 200+ healthcare clients. “This sizeable number of satisfied clients enabled us to diversify and transform the company into a distributor for the latest and applicable technologies in the healthcare domain,” affirms Mr. Mazraani.

Today, EGT employs over 100 employees and is constantly expanding geographically. Forging ahead, it aspires to focus more on AI offerings and cloud deployment to accelerate its growth. The innovative, transformational, and professional approach of EGT holds the potential for the company to become a leading player in the global healthcare technology space.